Crestliner Retro Boat Restorations
1958  12' Jetstreak
Restored by Dave Roxin

Crestliner boat restorations, featuring a 1958 12' Jetstreak & 1957 12' Runabout model 520


1958 12' Jetstreak, restored by Dave Roxin

Dave recently bought this 12' Jetstreak  to replace the one he sold in his college years.  He has restored it to its exact specifications and it is now complete.  Aug. 2001, Dave just returned from  a Wisconsin boat show, the Tomahawk 2001AOMCI  Nationals, where he placed 1st place for Best Boat & Motor Combo.  In addition, his boat will be featured  in an Antique/Classic Outboard Motor calendar in 2002.  Congratulations Dave!  email Dave at Dave with any questions about his boat or motor.

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Restored by Dave Roxin


 Dave Tomahawk1.jpg (66917 bytes)


Dave Tomahawk2.jpg (46037 bytes) Dave Tomahawk4.jpg (44715 bytes)
As displayed at AOMCI National Convention 2001. Aug. 2-4. New correctly restored seat cushions in boat. "Is it good enough to take 1st place???"  This was only Fri., the 3rd of August.
Dave Tomahawk3.jpg (58578 bytes) Dave Tomahawk5.jpg (74832 bytes) Dave Tomahawk6.jpg (50621 bytes)
Sunday morning getting ready to load up.  1st place trophy for Best Boat & Motor Combo. Wife Linda behind display at Tomahawk.  The white boat in background with 70 hp merc  could not keep up with me. 1955 Mercury Mark 55
40 hp motor.  Lower unit repainted with a computer match of Mercury's sand tan color.  Top of motor still original in Sunset Orange color.
Dave Tomahawk7.jpg (91481 bytes) Dave Tomahawk8.jpg (49561 bytes) Dave Tomahawk9.jpg (53493 bytes)
Old  Shell Lake wood boat  & early 30's Johnson motor on display. On display. On display.
Dave Tomahawk10.jpg (57953 bytes) Dave Tomahawk11.jpg (75660 bytes) Dave Tomahawk12.jpg (82704 bytes)
Dave, left.  Bob Peterson, right, of White Bear Lake, MN.  Bob sold me the motor & got me started in the antique boat & motor hobby. Getting ready for its very first launch at Tomahawk, WI.  It's in the water, no leaks, & motor runs good.
  1958 Jetstreak
In progress photos, below

jetstreakdr1.jpg (94595 bytes)

jetstreakdr3.jpg (72728 bytes)
jetstreakdr5.jpg (96299 bytes)  

1958 12 ft Jetstreak

Tail fins w/back lights on Jetstreak
jetstreakdr2.jpg (87090 bytes) jetstreakdr4.jpg (82927 bytes) jetstreakdr6.jpg (90153 bytes)
Restored, repainted Jetstreak Jetstreak restoration, almost complete Interior awaiting seats, 
steering wheel, motor mount
jetstreakdr8_copy(1).jpg (96026 bytes) BoatingWorld,Sept98.jpg (204696 bytes)

Restoration ???'s

Questions about Dave's Crestliner Jetstreak?

Email Dave Roxin

Jetstreak showing decal, glowrod and Crestliner flag. Slash & Flash; Crestliner broke the company mold with its flashy Jetstreak,
Boating World, Sept. 1998. 
by Lee Wangstad.

Tomahawk  Boat Show
See more photos & learn about the Tomahawk 2001 Nationals  on 
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Now Available!!
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2002 Antique/Classic Outboard Motor Calendar,
To order, contact: John Scheurer, 
1302 Fleming Falls Rd.
Mansfield, OH  44903
Phone - (419)589-9841.  See info
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12ft Jetstreak in Motion @ 36 mph,  1968 photo

jetstreak in action.jpg (63199 bytes)
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This action shot is of  me  flying along in the 12' Jetstreak I  once owned when I was 25 yrs old in 1968.  It shows how cool these boats ride on just the last couple of inches of the boat at speed.

It has a 1967 Merc 350 35 hp 2 cylinder motor & is going 36 mph but at 6000 rpm due to the 12 inch prop for water skiing.  I would have gone over 40 with a 13 or 14 inch prop.  The motor is redlined at 5400 rpm, so you can see I wasn't too worried about the Merc blowing up. 

Now i have a 14 inch pitch prop for the Mark 55 40 hp motor that is going on the new restored 12 footer.  I am looking for 40+ mph. - - Dave Roxin

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