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1965 Crestliner Catalog

Thanks to Ben Mazur for contributing his 1965 Crestliner catalog for this page.

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1965 Catalog

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Our thanks to Ben Mazur, from England, for keeping his dog nibbled catalog all these years
& now donating the pages for this site! His story below:

My parents bought a new Del Rio 16 in 1965 powered by an Evinrude 'Big Twin' 40 hp.  By 1968 I had convinced them that we needed a bigger engine and they bought a new Evinrude 'Starflite X' 85 hp. and at the age of 15 I had the fastest boat on the bay (we lived in Oyster Bay Long Island).
I moved to England in 1987 with my wife and had other boats before we left the U.S. but I always kept the Crestliner as well.  My parents finally sold it to the next door neighbour after we had left but memories associated with that boat are some of the fondest of my life.

Ben Mazur  

PS  Having the fastest boat on the bay must have had a lasting impression on me.  I became involved with offshore powerboat racing in England in the early 90s as a racer and organiser and still race to this day!

cover inside cover Mustang
Kingfisher , Harpoon Sea Schout Sea Scout
Flying Crest Admiral, Super Seaman Seaman, Sportsman
  Viking Raider Express
Raider Del Rio Chieftain
Sandpiper Commodore Shipmate