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Greetings Everyone,

Like most boats, the 14’ Jetstreak I obtained had none of the original interior. In fact someone had cut off the front seat brackets, laid plywood & carpet and installed some self designed seats. My goal is to bring this boat back, as close to possible, to original except for some of the paint scheme.

Where to begin? One of the first things I did was to make a trip to John Monahan’s museum in Little Falls, MN. It was a great place to visit, get some ideas and parts but he did not have any 14 footers with original interior. Then there was the auction with three Jetstreaks at Tomahawk, WI (2004), I knew the owner of the collection and he allowed me to copy the interior out of one that someone else had started prior to the auction. It was obvious that this person had something to start with. During this same time Rob Ebbing told me that he and Todd Young had seen a nice original sold at Constantine. Luckily they took a few pictures and sent them to me. Harry Newman was nice enough to answer my post on this site and provide pictures of the front seat brackets with a ruler on them so I could reproduce these. Bud Viren was also nice enough to send photos of his original 15 footer for reference. So what follows is the culmination of the above and the brochures on this website. This is meant to be a guide not the definitive way to do it.

At the end of this I will include the drawings with all of the dimensions. To see these you will probably have to adjust the “zoom” on your computer. So, on the pictures I will just provide comments.

See Jetstreak Restoration Plans & Photos ( adobe acrobat file):

Jetstreak Restoration Plans


*Engineering Design Drawing .dwg files:

FrontSeat Backs

Front Seat Brace Front Seat
Rear Seat Back Rear Seat Feet Rear Seat Transom

*.dwg are engineering design files which means they are drawn to scale and if you have access to a plotter can be plotted out full size. AutoCAD is one such program, but I draw using Visio Professional and I am sure there are others that can deal with this type of file. In my Visio file each of the drawings are on a separate page, but when I saved to *.dwg I had to break them into individual files.


Submitted by Brian Mahoney. Our thanks for his valuable contribution to this site.

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