Crestliner Dealer Meeting 2005
60th anniversary banners
Photos by Dave Roxin(Jetstreak owner) and Amy Schneider ( Thank you!

This year's annual Crestliner Dealers meeting was a big event celebrating Crestliner's 60th anniversary. For the occasion, Hoffman Communication created some fabulous banners showing the history of Crestliner boats. Dave Roxin's 12' Jetstreak was featured on one of the banners, as well as some of the images from his & our site's catalogs. Dave was a guest at the event and his report is reprinted below:

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2005 3:35 pm Post subject: Just back from the Crestliner dealers meet
The Crestliner dealers show was this past weekend at Alexandria MN in the Arrowood Resort.
I was invited as they used my boat as a feature photo along with photos from catalogs I had and Pamela had.
The photos of the old boats was a super hit as I was just notified from the gal that was in charge of the advertising thanking me again for the help.
The dealers liked the banners so well that they are ordering banners for their dealerships. The banners had photos from the old catalogs with printing below them telling what was new that year.
They had a photo of the 1st boat to come off the assembly line in 1945 when it was just called the Aluminum Boat Company to a black and white photo in 1954 of a Commodore when the company called all boats Crestliner and then 1957 when the aluminum boats were officially called Crestliner and the others Larson.
Also was a photo of a 1952 boat with the wood spray rails and wood top.
It appeared that this was the only year that that this was done as photos of earlier boats showed aluminum spray rails and tops. The earlier boats did not have the spray rails come all the way to the front though. It was noted that the wood was done due to a shortage of aluminum due to the Korean War. They were referred to as Ply-alumn. Those boats could become the collector item to keep. My neighbor has a 52 Commodore that is no longer for sale when I told him that and he plans on fully restoring it back to the finished oak trim etc.
Pamela is getting a pack of photos etc from Hoffman, the ad agency; and she will have them here for you to see.
Dave Roxin.

60th anniversary banners

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