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This subject generated some interest because, I think, I mentioned that I had used NPT threaded hose barbs to channel cutting fluid/oil from the table of my vertical mill to a receptacle.
First photo shows threads where they enter the exterior side of the table through which cutting oil is channeled. As shown, there's no oil drip running down from the bottom of the threads below the hex head of the hose barb. If this nylon component was going to leak, I'd have a puddle on the shop floor right below the hose barb. Although the hex head would be difficult to twist without some form of a lever, I wouldn't be afraid to bore a 1/8" dia hole completely through the hex head, and install a piece of 304 stainless steel welding filler rod (or similar) to provide leverage to tighten it. No doubt many remember the old-fashioned rubber drain stoppers that had a metal ring that connected the stopper to a small chain. Same theory would work on this. Just push the rod through the hex head, and bend a 90-degree leg on each end. Carefully bend the rod into a U-shape until the 90's fit into the hex head. A final squeeze in a vise or with a water pump plier will force the 90's into the holes on each side.

This link shows the item I think will work very well.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-NPT-Black-Nyl ... SwNSxU90c~
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