Another good buy on Craigslist

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Another good buy on Craigslist

Postby OutBdNut » Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:10 pm

Just found this one.

I'm not sure just what model it is. The snaps on the windshield indicate it was a convertible (if the windshield is original to that boat). It says it's a 16', but the hull looks a lot like the Voyager 14s and 15s. The motor is a 1958 35 Johnson. Note that aluminum dashboard - I think these started on most models at or near this size in 1959, but I can't see the triangular detail in the center of the deck that most or all the 14 foot and larger ones got in 1959, and the splashrail looks to be 1958 or earlier. No side decks. Hard to tell, but it looks like it has a short splash catcher shelf and not a splashwell with aft deck. Whatever it is, it would make a nice project!
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