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One of the things that I dislike about rebuilding a trailer is attaching the wiring harness to the trailer frame. These are typically of two types: a. A spring steel clip that is pushed onto the channel framing, or b. A series of "P" clips that are attached with a screw or small bolt-set. Spring steel clips scratch the paint, and the P clips require a hole. Both eventually lead to rust or loosen prematurely.

A few years ago while re-wiring a trailer I got the idea to use silicone adhesive to hold the loom in the frame. (NOTE: This method applies to C channel frames, not closed tube types. If yours is a closed tube type, please ignore the following.) After positioning the wire run, I applied a thick bead of silicone about 3" long in the corner of the C channel frame every foot or so, then pressed the loom into the silicone. Sometimes, memory curls would cause the loom to move, so I set a heavy weight at strategic points to hold everything in place until the silicone cured. TIP: One method that helps to remove "memory" from electrical conductors is to lay a towel over one thigh and see-saw the conductor back and forth. It won't eliminate it entirely, but it does get 90% of it out.

Three things this method has going for it is very few if any mechanical fasteners are required, it speeds up installing the harness, and it needs no periodic maintenance. If a section must be accessed, a box cutter will slice through the silicone enough to allow the loom to be pulled away from the frame. And a bit more silicone applied to the same area is all that's necessary to re-install it.

Your favorite big box store or neighborhood hardware store will have the exterior grade adhesive. A single tube is all that's needed on most small boat trailers.
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